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Rough Concept Edit #1 - Lepke & Gurrah

Sean contacted me via email when I began this project because he had recently learned that his grandmother's brother was Lepke's right hand man Jacob "Gurrah" Shapiro. So we did what all self-respecting descendants of gangsters do - we began swapping stories. This was our first "face-to-face" meeting on Skype.

Rough Concept Edit #2 - The Dutchman

This is a telling of the hit that Lepke Buchalter and Lucky Luciano ordered on Dutch Schultz to keep him from killing Thomas Dewey. It begins with a scene from Lepke, the 1972 Warner Brothers film starring Tony Curtis in the title role; this is followed by images from the graphic novel Brownsville, set to William S. Burroughs performing The Last Days of Dutch Schultz.

Rough Concept Edit #3 - The Buchalters

A few years ago, my mother and her cousins were gathered around the table at a family party, and we got to talking. . .

Last Days in the Studio

This is a little piece I put together on the day I had to dissemble the installation I had created over five months in my Governors Island Studio. Thank you to all the folks at LMCC and my fellow artists-in-residence for the incredible five months we spent together.